“You’re about to Discover the One Weird Male Stamina Trick Used by Two of the Most Notorious Lovers and Seducers in the 20th Century..”

Today you also can learn these Forbidden Stamina and Premature Ejaculation Secrets. Secrets originally used By ancient Princes, Kings and Caliphs..

The hottest most desierable women in the 1940′s and 50′s had two things in common, from Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Joan Crawford, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Eva Peron, Rita Hayworth, Eartha Kitt, Ava Gardner, Soraya Esfandiary, Doris Duke, Kim Novak, Veronica Lake, and Flor de Oro Trujillo Ledesma…

They all were utterly addicted to two of the 20th Century’s most notorious play-boy Lovers and Seducers who mastered this interesting male stamina technique that you are going to learn about..

I have written a book that exposes the Secret Long-Lost methods these men used to master their erections and not only make love as long as they want, but methods you can also use, today, to arouse and satisfy any woman, along with other hidden treasures of Sexual Knowledge.

A small Sexual Elite has known of an all natural drug-free and centuries old, time-tested technique called Imsak to massively increase both the amount of pleasure you feel in bed with your wife or partner, as well as taking her own pleasure to levels she never before imagined, while at the same time prolonging your ability to Sexually perform.

But first, let me ask two questions, are you honestly happy and content with your sex life? Now is the woman you love – does the woman in your life get the most satisfaction she can in bed with you?

The known fact is that premature ejaculation affects almost 70% of men in their lifetimes. Sometimes we don’t even know that we are technically premature ejaculators, but our women know.

We never want to admit this happens to us. After all, who wants to feel the shame of being known as “Mr. Two Minutes”…

Take a moment and tmagine knowing the sexual secrets to ecstatic lovemaking, giving your wife girlfriend or partner countless orgasms until she’s incoherent.

Imagine knowing the most smooth “moves” that women fantasies about all day long.

Imagine knowing how to last in bed as long as you want, whenever you want, like an EverReady battery you keep going, and going..

I offer you a book that unveils this and much more.
Do you want to learn how to heighten your orgasms and pleasure, increase your capacity to enjoy sexual pleasure, and gain the skills to satisfy the most sexually demanding women, over and over again?

Do you want time-tested methods and techniques like:
1000 year old time-tested techniques over on lasting long enough to give her passionate orgasm after orgasm.
How to MASSIVELY improve your connection with your woman, both emotional and physical, with better lovemaking,
Long hidden Sex techniques used by Persian and Arabian royals to increase their own pleasure and satisfy their Harems.
How to find out and offer her exactly what she really wants in bed, even if she can’t verbalize it herself.
How to to learn your woman’s secret and intimate body pleasure map.
How to discover and exploit the kinds of stimulus she’s most physically and emotionally responsive to,
What “hard and fast” and “soft and gentle” really mean to a woman, when and how to “switch it up” and give her the variety she wants and needs
And so much more

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What is this knowledge ? It is literally the skills of legendary lovers.

Skills to satisfy even the most demanding women. No husband can afford not to know this.

But it’s a fact, many men do not realize they are premature ejaculators and actually think they are lasting long enough to give their women bed shaking orgasms. But their women never tell them. Ever see that movie “Harry Met Sally” ? Remember Sally’s fake orgasm scene in the cafe. Women really do lie All The Time about their orgasms.

Women lie about their orgasms a lot because they don’t want to hurt the men who love them. But deep down inside they are also hurting. You see, women have deep sexual needs that polite society lies about, but the need for Sexual connection and communication is actually deeper in many women than men. Orgasm is an important part of that need.

You know powerful social forces have long conspired to hide many facts from us. Why?

To keep men drones, life sucked out, easily managed tools of production and consumption. That way those who are “in the know” can reap most of the benefits, and keep things running in a smooth way for everyone else. Virile, awake, and satisfied people are very dangerous to the powers that be.

They hate men who want to make their own paths, and follow their own rules. They want male victims whose life has been sucked out, who obey, and sit in neat little rows like school-girls. Men who are vibrant, energetic, and go after what they want not what “They” want. The “Establishment”, “The Man.”

Society denies the truth to keep most men in this control “matrix” But it doesn’t have to be that way. One thing some of themost Sexually Powerful men in history knew was how to erotically satisfy women. Women did incredible things for these men and it had little to dow ith them being so-called Alpha Males. Even Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, and a notorious seducer spoke about who just knowing how to get women isn’t enough, that the one thing most English Speaking men lacked was knowledge of bed-technique.

It’s a fact, women are more sexually inclined and hornier than they pretend. They ache to be satisfied by their husbands. All women secretly dream of being made love to in a certain way. A man who knows how literally holds her in the palm of his hand.

Men are simply not given accurate and practical information about how the right way to make love to women in a way that sets her on fire. It’s not your fault, powerful forces have tried to keep this secret from you. It’s not men’s fault, after all no one taught us the things we need to know.

Women love Sex. Even the ones who say they don’t, the so called “frigid” ones, love it.
..But it has to be Good Sex. And what’s Good Sex to a woman is different from a man…
.. women are socially conditioned and programmed to keep this a Secret. It is considered a “sisterhood” thing, an insider secret…

Every woman, I’m not even talking about the wild Jägerbomb dropping Sex-on-Wheels girl with the tats and tongue ring down the street. I mean the “normal everyday” women, the quiet mousy new professor in the literature department, the demure librarian, the conservative family values and Apple Pie Mom at the PTA meeting, even the traditional and religious sweet innocent looking gal you saw at Church, Temple, or Mosque.. each of them has one thing in common.

They all think about, need, and love good sex.
To a point, countless Women do put up with and tolerate an amazing amount of abuse and sheer crap from otherwise scummy men if the Sex is exciting, good and satisfying.
All women, desire, want, crave, and yearn for Good Sex. And all women are very, good at keeping this under wraps.


Today a woman can freely put herself out there and look for other men, and society will actually cheer her on. In fact, society has been re-engineered this way on purpose. Look at magazines like Cosmopolitan or shows like The View. If a woman cheats on her loving devoted husband because she “Couldn’t get her needs met” society will egg her on, sympathize, and encourage her – all the while her man sits alone stewing in toxic feelings of inadequacy.

Millions of loving and devoted men secretly carry cloud of shame over their heads because their women fake orgasms in bed with them, or are imagining other men while making love, or turn a cold back to them while hungrily looking for other men. It used to be the case that men cheated more, but in today’s world that is no longer true More women than ever before succumb to the seductions of other men because they are not feeling satisfied in their intimate lives at home.

It’s horrible feeling shame embarrassment, and horrible feelings of self–loathing because you can’t last long enough in bed for your woman. Many wives today cheat on their husbands for the simple fact they are perpetually feeling sexually unsatisfied. Imagine what it would feel like if every time you started having sex right before it started getting really good your woman rolls over and falls to sleep.

Talk about a case of blue balls!

This is what many women claim they feel like, they don’t want to hurt their men’s feelings, but over time they become incredibly resentful, angry, and even malicious. Eventually, no matter how nice her man is, if she isn’t getting what she feels like is Good Sex, it will gnaw at her, and no matter what..

..she will eventually leave him !

If a husband is kind, honest, but doesn’t excite her – doesn’t give her the exciting “gina tingles’ she truly needs to feel when she’s with a man, then in today’s culture he’s history.

Human nature is vastly ancient, biologically we are the same beings as our ancestors tens of thousands of years ago. We are alive today because they had Sex – lots of it. When you study the real history, the secret stuff they censor out in school, you begin to discover something..

Certain men in the past knew things about Sex that modern people have only just begun to re-discover.

Many people have heard of “Tantra sex” or “Taoist sex” supposedly ancient “sacred sexuality” methods from India or China. But very few people realize something that was common knowledge to the world’s elite only 100 years ago. Some of the most world’s powerful and amazing methods and techniques were developed in the Middle East, in Arabia and Persia, and written about in astonishing details by early Moslem doctors.

These lost manuscripts were stolen from many libraries in the 18th and 19th centuries and transferred to Europe where only the elite had access. You can find mentions of them in Captain Richard Burton’s books as well as a few mysterious works published by a man known only as “An English Bohemian. Since I believe this ancient erotic wisdom deserves to be known by men today I sought out expensive and rare books and in my research came across the strange technique known as Imsak. This little trick gives amazing results, is easy to learn, and has been kept all but secret for almost 200 years.

In the whole 20th century only 4 or 5 books even mention it and only one book was translated that gives out a small part of the technique. Not a single writer sat down, studied all of the literature he could find about this amazing secret technique, stripped away anything not essential, and presented it in practical terms.

Until now.

Now you will learn these Long Lost Forbidden Sex Secrets used by some of history’s most powerful men to satisfy true Harems full of women, all naturally, without drugs. Sexual arts and sciences enabling men to overcome e Premature Ejaculation via a flexible and organized method. Once you master it you can tailor it to the unique situation between you and your wife. These arts and sciences you will find in my informative and revealing ebook, available to you today as an affordable easy download, and backed by a 60 day Money Back, No questions, Guarantee..

The same secrets that ancient Arab and Persian sages taught, allowing Emperors, Kings, and Caliphs in the Middle East to satisfy multiple wives and concubines in bed, while enjoying truly legendary heights of Sexual pleasure that today’s rock stars and players could not even dream of.

This body of practical, and time tested techniques and secret tricks are not the standard “Tantra” Sex that you’ve read about. You don’t have to believe in Yoga, Chakras, ‘Sexual Energy’, or even Pink Unicorns. With only a little bit of practice you can start benefiting from them right away.

Imagine how you can change your Sex Life, be the lover and husband of dreams, awaken the Masterful and virile Sexual King that lies inside of you right now, Imagine yourself giving the sort of pleasures and orgasms that your wife has literally craved her entire life.

Imagine learning multiple new ways to make your woman orgasm so intensely that she might even literally become sexually addicted to you.

Does this sound interesting to you?
Today, these secret techniques of sexual stamina and lovemaking have been unveiled, they were kept long hidden from men but not anymore. For over 1000 years, these powerful little known sexual traditions were discretely practiced and cultivated by Moslems in the Middle East. Even the Sufi poet Rumi alludes to his experiences using Imsak and his stamina with his wife.

100 years ago these techniques were discovered by a British explorer and made known to a small circle of experienced sexual initiates in the West. But until now these secrets have been almost impossible for most men to get hold of.

The main technique called Imsak is a powerful method of sexual exercises and thrusting techniques that can give a man immense sexual endurance, and create in women incredible intense orgasms that are literally addictive.

This book exposes this secret and forbidden method. You can access this book today, and finally learn about this long hidden treasure of Sexual Knowledge.

Imagine knowing the sexual secrets to ecstatic lovemaking, giving your wife girlfriend or partner countless orgasms until she’s incoherent.

Imagine knowing the exact smooth “moves” in bed that all women literally fantasies about all day long.

Imagine knowing how to last in bed as long as you want, whenever you want, like an EverReady battery you keep going, and going..

This is the knowledge I offer you, to learn the skills of legendary lovers. Skills to satisfy even the most demanding wives, lovers, and girlfriends.

These Authentic and Time Tested secrets of sexual performance were used by Persian and Arabian Princes, Sheiks and Sultans, to gain incredible love-making prowess, virility and stamina. Such techniques were designed for very rich and powerful men who needed the ability to literally sexually satisfy entire Harems of women!

Until now they have been kept secret from you. Only a small group of men in the West every learned this Eastern wisdom. Only a handful of men mastered them, until now.

I offer you knowledge of how to become the lover your wife, girlfriend or partner dreams about, to improve your marriage and relationships with a special woman, all naturally, without drugs, using time tested techniques that are easyto master, for only a few cents a day, at no-risk, with an Iron Clad risk free money back promise, then keep reading.

Recently many books about Tantra and Taoist practices, from ancient India and China, hit the market. But why is it that no one has taught you the very practical, and easy to learn, ancient Middle Eastern sexual techniques that are just as powerful, but require no mysticism or different spiritual beliefs, and can be used by anyone no matter what their belief system?

Until now people have kept this knowledge secret. I believe that men like you and I have a right to learn these practical and highly effective sexual secrets from the Middle East. I am going to expose, once and for all, what has been kept hidden from you.

I wrote a short and affordable book showing you how to last all night in bed, for as long as you desire, while making love in a way that will bring your lover the greatest orgasms she has ever felt.

My book demonstrates time tested techniques, used by royalty and elite playboys, and empowers you with more than just incredible stamina, but also shows you highly seductive techniques to help you win and keep the hearts of your women.

This book is well researched and teaches you techniques giving both you and any woman who finds her way into your bed unbelievable pleasure, and enables you today to satisfy and enjoy your special woman for as long as both of you desire.

Male Stamina Secrets of the Persian Princes: The Ancient Art of Imsak

This book will teach you

Unheard of ways to improve your physical and emotional presence, authority, and connection with your woman.
Keys of how to discover and offer her exactly what she really wants in bed, even if she can’t verbalize it herself.

Tested stamina and long-lasting techniques that have been used, and still are used, for over 1000 years old – giving you power enough to give her passionate orgasm after orgasm all night long.
Tested and proven ways to to learn her personal body pleasure map

Tested and proven techniques to discover what stimulus she’s most responsive to (once you know this, you become an exclusive source of pleasure to her)

Thrusting secrets 99% of men do not know, what “hard and fast” and “soft and gentlereally mean to a woman, how and when to “switch it up” to give her the variety she needs.

Ancient Sex techniques used by Persian and Arabian princes to increase their own pleasure, while satisfying their women, gaining enough stamina to satisfy a whole Harem – literally !

Which modern penile exercises actually will benefit you, and which ones can actually hurt your stamina!

*And much, much, more.

This knowledge is time tested and practical, but until now it could only be found in difficult to find, long out of print books and crumbling manuscripts. To research and write this book exposing these secrets entire libraries had to be combed through, and the biographies of the few 20th century masters who knew this art, and left a few hints and clues about how it was done.

Now it is all put together, for you. These stamina techniques and arts can help you deal with Premature Ejaculation, learn how to last longer in bed, while doubling your sexual stamina and staying power, and make love to women with so much prowess that she may literally become addicted to you. You can be the kind of lover and husband women praise and swoon over.

There are a few good books out there, offering an enlightened and empowering approach to male sexuality, and they give some useful sex techniques – but this is only part of the code. Few expose, or even know, the sort of ancient techniques that I will show you.

The techniques I discovered in my studies, put into practice, and finally wrote up in in this book. These techniques were practiced by the 20′th century’s two greatest playboy lovers, and mastered by one of Victorian England’s most notorious adventurers.

My book shows you techniques from ancient erotic manuals, used by Princes and Kings in Persia, Turkey, India and Arabia to satisfy entire Harems of women. In the 20th century, a small circle of elite international men knew these secrets. Who were they?

Prince Aly Khan, descended from the Persian Aga Khan, the head of the mysterious Nizari Assassin sect in ancient Persia. Aly Khan knew these secrets, and was taught them by his father, who sent him as a boy to the most exclusive Bordellos in the world to practice and master these techniques. Aly Khan then seduced and sexually satisfied many of the most elite women in the World, from Hollywood stars, actresses, European Royalty, and even one Empress. He married Rita Hayworth, was involved with actress Gene Tierney, and seduced scores of other women, many of whom praised his legendary stamina and sexual skill and said no man could compare, long after he left them.

The infamous Porfirio Rubirosa Ariza, the last true international Playboy, was initiated into these secrets. Between him and Prince Aly Khan, they seduced hundreds of the world’s most beautiful and elite women. With legendary sexual and romantic prowess he blazed a trail through women like Marilyn Monroe, Eva Peron (don’t cry for me Argentina!), Eartha Kitt, Rita Hayworth, Ava Gardner, Joan Crawford, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Barbara Hutton, Soraya Esfandiary, Doris Duke, Kim Novak, Peggy Hopkins Joyce, Veronica Lake, Judy Garland, Flor de Oro Trujillo Ledesma, and scores more. Many of them spoke of his stamina and prowess to their deathbeds, even after marriages to other men.

These were wives and daughters of the most powerful men in the world, who were helpless to stop their women from throwing themselves at these two men. This was almost 50 years ago, some of these women are still alive today and openly admit that despite these men’s complete infidelity, these women would still do it again, and again, these two men spoiled countless women from any other man in their lives.

Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of independent India also knew these techniques. Nehru was infamous for getting up the dresses of the wives of the most powerful men of the British Empire. This man cuckolded Princes, Prime Ministers, Barons, Viscounts, and scores of lesser men. He knew the secrets of Imsak. India owes her independence to the influence he had over the wives of some of England’s most powerful men.

Captain Richard Francis Burton, the legendary Victorian adventurer, and translator of the Kama Sutra, Perfumed Garden, and 1001 Arabian Nights. Burton learned Imsak by studying many of the same ancient manuals I researched. Burton’s notes were so explicit and revealing that after his death his Catholic widow had all of them burned, along with manuscript translations of some of the most rare books of erotic wisdom in the world.

All of these men knew and mastered the techniques, arts and sciences that I am going to teach you.

Male Stamina Secrets of the Persian Princes: The Ancient Art of Imsak

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* Learn practical techniques that anyone can use no matter what your spiritual or religious beliefs are.
* These techniques require NO meditation, NO mantras, NO circulating Chi/Qi/Ki or whatever, and NO navel gazing.
* When mastered you will need NO Viagra, NO Levitra, NO Cialis.
* Learn original, authentic and practical techniques used by Princes, Sheiks, Sultans, and Caliphs in the Middle East, and used by the students of their modern descendants, to satisfy the world’s most exclusive women, including Movie Stars, Queens and Princesses, and multi-millionaire socialite Débutantes.

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Why am I teaching this?

1. Every worthy man should be able to feel total confidence in knowing you have what it takes, in stamina and skill, to perform in bed and satisfy your woman, to spoil her utterly so the very thought of being with another man is unthinkable

2. Most importantly I personally believe all men are at war:

I believe there’s a war against male sexuality out there. Aimed at all men; every race, every ethnic group, in every and culture. A well funded war aimed at poisoning our relationships with the women we love.

With knowledge we can fight back, and win our birthright – the love, loyalty, pleasure, and companionship with the women we love. Don’t you think that’s worth it?

So, do you want to grow a strong and steady, permanent skill set, letting you consistently last long enough to “get her to the finish line” multiple times?

All without pills,

All without sensation stealing creams,

All in a practical easy to learn way,

And in a way designed to be adapted by you, in the way that’s right for your unique needs?

These techniques were used to satisfy entire Harems of women in ancient Persia and Arabia, and have been kept secret from you for far too long. They were designed to empower men just like you to satisfy an entire harem full of women. The technique of Imsak, is more than just one small technique, rather it’s an entire approach that is practical, painless, and all natural. It really is easy to start learning today, and more advanced than just edging, and will give you practical insights about more creative ways to use reverse kegels, and other PE techniques.

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My unique ebook here is totally backed by a no-question money-back Guarantee.

Believe me, there is no one out there today writing about these little known powerful methods. I had to do years of research in very obscure sources to gather the wisdom that you are about to be initiated into, as an elite among men.

These secret techniques will renew the erotic spark in your relationships, drive your wife or lover wild, and let you give her pleasure so intense it will blow her mind.

Backed by a 60-day no question rebate, ordering this book is risk free to you. The teachings in them were known and used by the world’s Sexual Elite, and by two of history’s greatest playboy lovers.

These techniques are easy to learn and practice, you can even start tonight if you want to. Just learn the technique and start practice. And honestly, practicing is half the fun, you can learn them with the woman you love, or even by yourself in the privacy of your own home.

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