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FACT – many marriages crack because of female sexual dissatisfaction. In spite of myths to the contrary, being an “Alpha male” is not enough. Sure every woman aches for a husband or lover whose who “panty wetting” masculine presence excites her, even more important is what actually happens under the sheets. Women need good sex, this is a fact. They want to be “done well.” This is a fact. So much of a woman’s satisfaction lies in your love making skills. Your sensitivity and ability to last long enough to give her the orgasms she needs to feel.

Imagine knowing how to last in bed as long as you want, whenever you or your Lady want.

Can you Imagine knowing the secrets to giving your woman countless orgasms until she’s incoherent, all the while feeling pleasure yourself like you have never felt?

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Why buy my book? Experienced lovers know that Sex isn’t just mechanics, it’s an art and science. Master it, and you can know undreamed pleasures, enjoying and partaking in the unique delights of well satisfied women.

Today, many women stray. Why? Because they aren’t getting the sex they crave or need. Are you going to curse and spit in the wind, or will you rise up to the challenge?

What I’m offering is an approach and framework with tested carefully researched techniques that, once understood and internalized, can be internalized by you, becoming natural and transforming your sex life.

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You will learn how to increase your capacity to enjoy sexual pleasure, ways of heightening your orgasms, and skills to satisfy even the most demanding of women, over and over again.

You will learn:
Ways to improve your emotional and physical connection with your woman, through better lovemaking,
How to discover and offer her exactly what she really wants in bed, even if she can’t verbalize it herself,
Time tested techniques over 1000 years old on lasting long enough to give her passionate orgasm after orgasm.
Ways to to learn her personal body pleasure map
Ways to discover what stimulus she’s physically and emotionally responsive to,
What “hard and fast” and “soft and gentle” really mean to a woman, when and how to “switch it up” and give her the variety she wants and needs
Sex techniques used by Persian and Arabian royalty to increase their own pleasure and satisfy their women, basically how to gain the stamina to literally satisfy a Harem
which “exercises” benefit you, and which ones can actually hurt your stamina!
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